I have ADHD too and I lost focus

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I have ADHD and I lost focus


I wanted to give you a brief update of what’s been happening with the podcast.

So, I started the podcast in early 2019, we recorded some episodes and managed to get some really cool guests and had more great guests lined up but that was March 2019.

The last time we recorded a podcast I had an issue with my Mac. My computer died with some recordings on, I lost a few recordings and spent a while trying to recover everything before eventually coming to terms with it and heading over to the nearest Apple store for a repair. 

We did manage to recover some data but a lot of stuff went missing and it was a bit of a nightmare. But, that’s all sorted now and I’ve learned to back everything up.

If you’ve not backed up your computer I would strongly advise you to consider getting an external hard drive to back things up plus look into using a service like BackBlaze.

BackBlaze is amazing, it’s a cloud backup of everything including your settings and user data and you pay just $60 for the year. That’s to back everything up so if your computer dies or gets stolen, you can just replace your hardware, login to BackBlaze and get everything back up and running easily. 

So this is a short episode just to talk about what’s happened over the last few months.

I started the podcast for people with ADHD, specifically entrepreneurs with ADHD and aspiring entrepreneurs with ADHD. 

But, like most people with ADHD, sometimes I don’t follow through with things or I’ll put things off for a while and then going back to it seems more and more overwhelming. That happened, I tried hard to do this and keep on top of it but there have been a few setbacks.

Some of the guests I had lined up and interviewed were business owners and marketers, plus some ADHD experts. 

I had some really cool people lined up who actually had a business and they have ADHD too, but pinning them down was an absolute nightmare. I should’ve expected that and guess it just comes with the territory.

So, having guests not show up or get the days mixed up multiple times was hard work. I’ve also been struggling with depression myself and haven’t been in the right place to sit and talk to people. I’m working on that every day and I’ve made changes in my life like moving to a bigger house for our family and quitting my job to run my own business full-time. It’s a big risk but if it pays off it will have all been worth it. 

I’ve made some changes to the podcast process too. I’ve changed the way I contacted potential guests and how I follow through and when they are booked I’ll remind them too, in case either of us gets the wrong date or time, or just forget completely. 

Now when I reach out to someone to interview them I’ll ask them or tell them about the podcast, ask if they’re up for it. And that’s great, I’ll send them my booking form we’ll get it booked. If I don’t hear back I’ll have a reminder set to contact them again for an answer, as some things get missed or when they do have ADHD they may have every intention of replying but never get round to it. 

From there, so I don’t overwhelm them with too much information at once I’ll send them a series of emails. The emails will have bitesize chunks of information like a thank you and what to expect as well what they’ll need for the interview and the kind of questions they’ll be asked.

And in case they do forget about the interview or run late they’ll also receive SMS alerts leading up to the interview right up until an hour before. 

The SMS messages are set to send automatically and I’ll get the same messages for myself because I’ll be honest and own up to forgetting about a couple of interviews or running massively late to a few. 

If you’ve ever interviewed anyone and you want to do a good job of it you’ve probably done your research. When I want to record an episode I’ll look for potential guests. Sometimes I’ll look on LinkedIn, connect with them, or drop them a message and tell them about the podcast. Sometimes I’ll read news articles and search for recently released books and reach out to the author. 

Once they’re actually booked in I’ll be looking at their history and start looking into what they’re doing now. I’ll try to find as much information about them as I can to tailor a set of questions for them. And it’s difficult to stick to the questions. Sometimes I don’t stick to the questions I’ve spent hours putting together, sometimes we go completely off track. But, having those questions there and doing all the research really helps. So I’ll spend a lot of time doing that. I’ll do the research then we’ve got to record the episode. 

Once an episode is recorded it’s time to edit the episode. I do this with Audacity, then I’ll add the intro and outro and upload it to my podcast host. Then I’ll make the cover art for that episode. Once that’s done it’s time to repurpose the podcast episode into lots of smaller videos and blog posts, plus go through and take out some key quotes to use in graphics. 

For every podcast episode, you can easily spend four or five, six or more hours just for 45 minutes of a podcast interview. At the minute I’m doing that by myself. So when I’ve done the prep work, I’ve got things booked and someone hasn’t turned up but I’ve already spent an hour or two researching them and getting questions written down it’s been really off-putting, and that’s happened quite a few times. 

That’s why I’ve not put out an episode for a while. 

So hopefully the recent changes will really help and we’ll start to see an improvement of people turning up on time and sticking to the schedule.

When I first started the podcast earlier this year (2019) I was still working. 

Since then I’ve left my full-time job and the web agency, Huxo Creative, is now my full time business. And I’m hoping to carry this on on the side running the podcast and helping people with ADHD grow their business or launch that business they’ve been thinking of starting. 

I’ve got some really cool people lined up again. I interviewed a branding expert and web designer, Shane Riley, this week. Shane runs a web agency called Lonely Viking

I’ve got the second part of an interview with Dr. Dawn Brown, America’s favourite ADHD expert. The interview was recorded months ago, split into two episodes because we talked on Skype for a few hours, and then half of it got corrupted when my iMac decided to break. So that has been mostly recovered and is about to be released along with a competition to win a copy of Dr Dawn’s first book

Listen out for the interview with Penny Jarrett, a blogger who’s appeared on Huff Post, BBC News, and all sorts of places talking about ADHD. Penny has ADHD and she’s doing some fantastic work. 

Through LinkedIn, I’ve reached out to a couple of well-known figures in the world of ADHD and some celebrities that would be really really good guests. 

Some have been through all sorts in life, some have ADHD, some just talk about positivity and mindset and some have done amazing things in busy and want to share their tips.

Some of these people are brilliant and are happy to help so watch this space

And if you’d like to tell your story or share your struggles, or if you know someone that you think would be a really good guest on the podcast, drop me a message, drop me an email and I’ll reach out to that person or you and we can get something booked and get an interview done. 

If you do find the podcast useful please let me know. It’ll give me that little boost to know it’s worthwhile. 

And if there’s something you’d like to see or hear more of or something you’d like to talk about, you can let me know in the comments below or find me on social media.

Let me know what you want to hear and I’ll do my best to find the right person to chat with so that we can make more episodes and help more people with ADHD.

And finally, if you found this useful you can help me back by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or just send me a message and that would be really, really helpful.

I don’t have to publish any of your details if you don’t want your name published or anything like that. But reviews really help and also don’t forget to join our small (but growing) Facebook group for ADHD business owners.

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