Lee Jackson - Agency Trailblazer

How to build a business doing what you love

How to build a business doing what you love
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Today I’m talking to Lee Jackson.

Lee is a fellow web developer, speaker, entrepreneur, and the host of one of only a handful of podcasts I listen to regularly and definitely one of the best WordPress podcasts around, the Agency Trailblazer podcast.

He’s also organising Agency Transformation Live, a UK conference for web agency owners focusing on helping you to transform your agency.

Lee gives insight into how he’s used his Agency Trailblazer podcast to grow his business, build his network, and reach new clients across the globe.

We talk about how you can grow your business by being it clear about who it is you serve and the problems you solve for them rather than trying to target ‘everyone’.

Lee tells us the three secret weapons he uses to get so much done, the process he uses for hiring the right staff and how you can start creating valuable content right now and never be stuck staring at a blank screen again.

Plus so much more!

Episode Links

Connect with Lee:

Agency Trailblazer Podcast & Community

Angled Crown – Lee’s WordPress Agency

Agency Transformation Live – UK conference for agency owners

Resources Mentioned

ADHD Business Owners Facebook Community

Transcription tools:

Rev.com – Premium transcription service

Otter.ai – Free transcription tool

The books Lee mentioned:

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber

Fear The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

The booking system Lee and I both use is Book Like A Boss. You can grab the AppSumo lifetime deal of Book Like A Boss at addtrepreneur.com/appsumo

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