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Competition: Win A Signed Copy of The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1

America’s favourite (favorite if you’re in the US) ADHD expert Dr Dawn Brown, MD has sent me two copies of the first book from The ADHD Lifestyle Series to give away!

The ADHD Lifestyle Series by Dr Dawn Brown

What's In The Book?

Dr Dawn’s book is full of proven strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms.

The ADHD Lifestyle Series, Volume 1 by Dawn Kamilah Brown, MD, contains vital information to help you with your ADHD.

After uncovering key factors while seeking ways to manage her own ADHD, Dr. Dawn now exposes food myths, replaces them with facts, and recommends the foods, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for your ADHD mind. 

This book will motivate you to look at ADHD as a creative experience through which you can develop the essential structure, routines, and confidence that lead to your success! 

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What is ADDtrepreneur?

ADDtrepreneur is a resource for ADHD entrepreneurs and for young people with ADHD aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

We have a podcast & YouTube channel where we interview ADHD experts and entrepreneurs to talk about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur with ADHD and managing workload, staying focused on the right tasks, tackling procrastination and time-management skills.