Why Do Entrepreneurs With ADHD Procrastinate?

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Why Do Entrepreneurs With ADHD Procrastinate?

Adults with ADHD tend to procrastinate way too often. You probably procrastinate at home, putting off big projects as well as the day-to-day chores.


Yes, you probably will get around to fixing that thing you said you’d fix. Having your wife nag you about it every few months doesn’t make you do it any faster.


You probably could probably fill a whole store with the unwanted things you’ve bought over the years that you were going to send back but never did. 

Fill a store with ADHD impulse buys


You procrastinate at work and you procrastinated at school, staying up all night to finish that piece of work you’ve had weeks or sometimes months to do. 

But now you’re a business owner your finances are dependent on you getting your shit together and finishing the work you’ve started. So what could be making you procrastinate? The key to ADHD entrepreneurs overcoming procrastination is figuring out what your procrastination style is and learning how to deal with it. Once you’re armed with this you’ll find it easier to beat procrastination and get back on track. 

How ADHD entrepreneurs can overcome procrastination

You’ve Become a Jack of All Trades

As an entrepreneur starting out you need to be your own sales person, marketer, administrator, project manager, and so much more. You’re a man (or woman) of many hats. But when it comes to taking on client work you can’t be the best at everything. If you’re trying to be a web designer, a social media marketer, a Facebook ad specialist, a copywriter, graphic designer, and more, you’re spreading yourself too thin. 

You take on new projects even if it’s something you’ve not done before. You learn as you go. Your to do list is never ending and you have way too much on your plate. You’re always on the go, bouncing from one project to another, working late and losing track of time. You probably don’t realise it yet but you’re heading for burnout. You may procrastinate by avoiding the major things on your to do list or working on tasks that are needed to be done but in the long run, aren’t going to make you money. 

Your Struggle Is: Refusing to Delegate. 

Go and get a tea, coffee, or whatever you’re drinking and take some time to go over your to do list. Ask yourself what tasks are ones that only you can do, like hosting your webinars or writing the sales copy for your new product. But if a task doesn’t need your attention, consider outsourcing it. You can outsource the work by hiring a virtual assistant or taking on a freelancer. 

A good way to find a reliable V.A or freelancer is to ask for recommendations from your peer group or mastermind group. Otherwise take a look at sites like UpWork, People Per Hour, or even Fiverr. Whoever you outsource to, be sure to document your processes (Loom is great for this) and give clear step-by-step instructions so job gets done right the first time. 

You’re Being a Perfectionist with Your Projects

Being a perfectionist can cripple you and hold back your business. You already have the pressure of having to get everything ticked off your to do list but you’re also feeling the pressure to have everything done perfectly. You hate doing anything that you don’t deem your best work and you’re continually tweaking and improving the finished project or re-recording that YouTube video or podcast episode. You may procrastinate by telling yourself you’ll publish your video once you’ve finished your lead magnet or added something else to it.

Your Struggle Is: Failing to Launch.

Launching any new product or service is scary but everyone had to start somewhere.

Perfection can cripple

Those YouTubers you watch or the host of that podcast you listen to? They all had to record that first episode and they all felt nervous like you. But, they hit publish and they put it out there. And then they did it again, and again. 

You may find it helpful to hire a specialist ADHD coach that will encourage you to launch version 1.0 now and work on upgrading your offering later on. You could also try setting a deadline publically. Let the world know when they can expect your product and stick to that date, no matter what. Putting it out in your peer group or on social media gives you some accountability. 

You Can’t Say No To People

Whenever someone comes to you with a new idea or project, you jump into it head first. You impulsively say yes and get to work without taking into account how this will affect your overall goals or your ability to work on other projects.

You have to be ruthless in business

You love new things, they get you going and spark your creativity. You love to say “Yes” but the problem is if you say, “Yes” to everything, you end up saying, “No” to important things even when you don’t realise. You may procrastinate by taking on someone else’s work instead of working on your own. You tell yourself you’ll work on growing your business as soon as you finish this big project for a client.

Your Struggle Is: Failing to Prioritise.

You put the needs and wants of others before your own and you don’t like to let people down. Sometimes, this is admirable and it comes from a good place. And sometimes you’re worried that if you turn down a project you’ll lose that client. 

But if you want to grow your business and be successful, you’re going to need to become ruthless and willing to turn down clients and projects that aren’t right for you. Stop giving up the time you need to spend working on growing your business to work on growing everyone else’s. Instead, focus on doing your own work first and if you do have enough time and energy, you can choose to help someone else. 

Understand why you procrastinate


Procrastination is not a diagnosis of ADHD nor is it exclusive to us.

Everyone can struggle with procrastination. But, as a business owner with ADHD it’s a vital sign of something else that you need to address. Once you understand the root cause of your procrastination, you can begin to beat it and get back to being productive.


Do you put things off until the last minute?

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