5 Ways To Build Systems To Manage Your ADHD

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5 Ways To Build Systems To Manage Your ADHD

As a business owner with ADHD it’s hard to stay organised. We procrastinate, put things off, often don’t pay any attention to conversations and forget the important stuff like times and dates. 


When we hyperfocus on something we lose track of time and end up missing important calls and meetings.


ADHD business owners struggle to stay organised

When you’re on your own you need to organise your day and have a plan. You can spend the day bouncing from task to task with no actual work completed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little help and some effort you can get organised with your time and your projects so you can spend more time growing your business and serving your clients.

Here are four quick strategies you can use to help cull the chaos and create systems that help you manage your time and beat procrastination: 

Store Your Ideas


Remember that time you had an idea for a video or an article or you thought of something amazing to share with your community? And then you didn’t write it down and it was gone forever. Or you did make a note but it ended up in the never ending black hole of things you’ve put something or filed away never to be seen again. 

To combat this, Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts uses a simple system she created herself. Kelly said, “I take all the ideas and sort them into my Evernote folders.  One for Now, one for Next and yep – one for Someday Maybe.”

This helps Kelly choose what to focus on right now. It also gives her an easy way to find her ideas again when it’s time to implement something new in her business. You can read Kelly’s full post here and download her free printable PDF if you want to use her system, too.

The freemium version of Evernote is amazing. Once you’ve started to use Evernote along with the Chrome extension you’ll never go back to making notes on your iPhone again. 

Use To Do Lists


To do lists aren’t for everyone, and asking adults with ADHD to start using another tool that you’re supposed to check and manage each day is asking for trouble. But, if you are a fan of physical to do lists or you’re already a fan of an online tool, take a look at these. 


Todoist is probably the most popular choice and for a good reason, it’s amazing.

I’ve recently started using Amazing Marvin and love it. The super focus mode and recurring tasks are perfect but do your own research and find something that works for you. 

Amazing Marvin day plan

Make It Easy to Book Appointments


If you offer services for clients, then you need a simple way to book appointments.

Use a booking system

Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time going back and forth over email or chat, trying to find a time that works for both your client and you. 

Instead, create a calendar with free time periods on it through a service like Calendly, Book Like A Boss, or Acuity Scheduling. Clients can look at your schedule and see what appointment times that they’d like to book. You’ll get an email sent to you when anyone books time with you, so you don’t have to worry about missing important client meetings.

Again, do some research to find something that works for you. I’ve tried all three and decided to use the premium version of Book Like A Boss. You can see how my booking page looks at https://book.huxo.uk.

Use a Project Management System


Project management systems can be useful if you’re collaborating on a product with a freelancer or if you just want an overview of everything you’re working on. You may also want to use one if you provide services for your clients.

Project management tools

Depending on your needs and budget you may want to look at self hosted tools, SAAS, or free tools. Trello and Asana are both good options for setting up deadlines, assigning tasks, checking in on your project status, and sharing files as needed. I use Client Portal for my agency, a Trello board to manage podcast guests, and I’ve recently started using a free account with Project.co.


Don’t Forget Follow Up Opportunities


Not following up with a new lead, an affiliate or business partner can cause you to miss out on valuable opportunities. If you’d like to approach a peer or another entrepreneur about creating a joint venture in a few months, go ahead and put a reminder on your calendar. 

Hyperfocus and time blindness ADHD

You can do the same with clients that you’d like to work with again. Write their name on your calendar so you remember to reach out to them again. And because you have ADHD we know you’ll probably want to see yourself a digital reminder sent to your email so you know when it’s time to follow up. If you have a CRM or sales tool stick a reminder there too. 

Pay attention to the tasks that you tend to procrastinate on. Then look for apps and websites that can complete the task for you quickly and easily.

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